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Newsletter publishes latest recruitment figures for diabetes heel ulcer trial

Issue 2 of the Heels Trials Newsletter reveals the latest recruitment data

About 15% of all people with diabetes get foot ulcers, and they are a source of considerable cost and suffering. Ulcers of the heel present particular difficulties and may take up to three times as long to heal than ulcers elsewhere on the foot. Heel ulcers in diabetes also differ from ulcers elsewhere on the foot in that they may be painful.

There are currently no specific treatments which have been shown to improve the outcome. However a small number of specialists in UK have recently started to try the use of lightweight, fibreglass heel casts or ‘heel cup’, and in some patients this has apparently helped the ulcers to heal and improved the pain. It is for these reasons that NUH has been awarded a grant from the NIHR to study the effectiveness of these heel cups in accelerating healing in patients with Diabetes. It is planned that 529 patients will be recruited from 30 centres throughout the UK and patients will be followed for up to six months. The study will also provide information on reduction in pain, decrease in ulcer area, amputations, well-being, costs and other clinical outcomes.

Download Issue Two, the January pdf newsletter from the Foot Ulcer Trials unit where you can catch up with the latest recruitment data for the trial and learn what the greatest long term threat to trial success is.

Visit the trial website for more study information and contact details.


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