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News Archive for November, 2011

How Mary got the Full Monty with her liver cirrhosis clinical trial: Patient experience video

Mary Ellis has cirrhosis of the liver and explains the benefits she had as a clinical trial participant, which she felt were far better than her regular clinic. She also allays the fears of anyone deliberating clinical trial participation. She says: “The work that’s done in the biomedical unit is brilliant because it all goes towards helping others now and in the future” Continue reading

Hazel’s empowering journey as an asthma patient on a clinical trial: Patient experience video

In this video, Hazel describes her empowering journey as an asthmatic clinical trial participant and explains that wanting to give back was a major aspect of her decision to take part. Hazel emphasises: “The days when treatment is just given because that’s the way we’ve always done it should be well gone now. Research, in an age where money is important, is coming up with cost-effective ways and that should be important to us all.” Continue reading

Applications invited for 2012/2013 research funding from Trent CLRN

NUH Department of Research and Innovation invites applications for research funding from the Trent Comprehensive Local Research Network (Trent CLRN) for the financial period 2012/2013. The deadline for submission is 17:00 on Friday 16th December 2011. Full support of NUH R&I is a requirement for all applications and you are advised to discuss your bid at an early stage. An important change this year is that the delivery Trent CLRN funding awards will be performance managed by the Trust. Continue reading

New £60 million Clinical Practice Research Datalink to build unique position for UK health research

The Department of Health’s National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) in partnership with Health and Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has announced the creation of a new Clinical Practice Research Datalink service (CPRD).

The CPRD will provide capability, products and services across a number of areas. The new service will be developed over four years from April 2012 and will eventually incorporate data from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Continue reading

MP praises Nottingham’s mental health unit during Parliamentary debate

During a parliamentary debate on the NHS and the Care of Older People, Lilian Greenwood MP spoke extensively of her positive experiences on a visit to an NIHR funded Mental Health Unit at NUH. Lilian Greenwood represents Nottingham South.

“My first impression on entering ward B47 was that it was different from other wards that I have seen … I hope that where there is good practice in the care of older people in an NHS hospital it can be used effectively to improve quality of care and patient outcomes across the wider health service”
Continue reading

How a tinnitus clinical trial helped improve Gill’s social life: Patient experience video

Gill suffers from tinnitus and is a Nottingham NIHR Hearing BRU trial participant. In this video, Gill describes her experiences of being part of a clinical trial with the Unit. Gill says: I became involved in the tinnitus trial because 23 years ago (when the tinnitus was diagnosed), the consultant I saw said “I don’t know much about tinnitus”. “We don’t really understand what it is all about”. And now, here and now, research is being done.” Continue reading