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Nottingham Health Science Biobank awarded approval from the Human Tissue Authority

After a site visit to NUH in April, the HTA found the Nottingham Health Science Biobank to fully satisfy their rigorous criteria for approval.
The HTA found the Designated Individual and the Licence Holder to be suitable in accordance with … Continue reading

Nottingham Health Science Biobank

by Balwir Matharoo-Ball

The Nottingham Health Science Biobank (NHSB) and related bioinformatics strategy as a platform for excellence in translational and clinical research is led by Dr Brian Thomson Director of Department of Research and Innovation (R&I) and the NHSB. This … Continue reading

Nottingham Research Biobank gains Ethics Approval

The Nottingham Research Biobank has now received Ethical Approval. This is the first formal step in our co-ordinated biobanking and patient informatics strategy. The Ethics approval itself has a number of unique features, and is by far the most comprehensive … Continue reading

Nottingham University Hospitals to play key role in DNA cancer project

Nottingham University Hospitals, in collaboration with local partners, is taking part in a major national initiative that aims to transform diagnosis and treatment for patients with cancer and rare diseases.
NHS England has announced that a partnership between Nottingham University Hospitals, … Continue reading

Arthritis Research UK Centres

The Arthritis Research UK Pain Centre
The Arthritis Research UK Pain Centre investigates the mechanisms that lead to the chronic pain experienced by sufferers of arthritis, in order to improve the treatment of that pain. Research is undertaken by a multidisciplinary … Continue reading

NIHR Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit and Medical Research Council launch study into loud music and hearing loss

Researchers from the MRC and the Nottingham NIHR Hearing BRU have launched a unique mass participation study to see if listening to loud music is contributing to the increase in hearing loss in the UK population.

NUH Research, Development and Innovation Annual Report 2012/13

During 2012/13 NUH delivered significant improvements in research initiation and delivery. Performance against NIHR contract benchmarks for research initiation and delivery improved by 36% yoy

EMAHSN 4th March event: Igniting Innovation – Experimental Medicine – Working Together

The East Midlands Academic Health Science Network and Medilink are hosting an event entitled ‘IGNITING INNOVATION’ EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE – WORKING TOGETHER on Monday 4 March 2013 at BioCity, Nottingham.

NUH maintains excellence in research in a challenging NHS environment

During 2011/12 NUH maintained excellence in research in a changing and challenging environment. Key achievements during this period include 8,874 patients recruited in 293 NIHR adopted studies, 1644 patients recruited to 157 commercial studies, 14 new NIHR research grants awarded, £8.7M external funding attracted by three BRUs, More than 4,000 biosamples and £420K of external funding for the Nottingham Health Science Biobank. Continue reading

Leica Testimonial

Nottingham University Hospitals ‐ Delivering exceptional service for external clinical evaluations
The external evaluation of any diagnostic kit is the cornerstone for the commercial release of any product in the medical industry. R&D activities are focused on achieving product design requirements, … Continue reading

Contact Details

Dr Brian Thomson
Director of Nottingham Health Science Biobank and Director of R&I
Email: | Tel: 0115 823 1832
Prof. Ian Ellis
Co-Director of Nottingham Health Science Biobank
Email: | Tel: 0115 969 1169 ext. 56875
Dr Balwir Matharoo-Ball
Operations Manager for Translational Research … Continue reading

2011 NUH R&D Annual Report published

This year’s annual report provides a summary of research activity at NUH during 2010/11, and describes progress against the NUH R&D Strategy. During this period NUH increased recruitment to NIHR portfolio clinical trials by 46%, ranking amongst the top six NHS Trusts in the country and increased research income from the NIHR and NIHR partners by 50%. Continue reading

PPI/E Useful Links

A national advisory group which supports greater public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research. INVOLVE provides a range of publications/guides for researchers, members of the public and commissioners.
INVOLVE: Briefing notes for researchers
A PDF guide
INVOLVE: People in Research
The … Continue reading

Biomedical Research Units

Nottingham is home to two Biomedical Research Units (BRUs) awarded by the Department of Health. BRUs represent a large scale investment in infrastructure and promote a strong partnership between the NHS, academia and industry partners. This success have identified the … Continue reading

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