Life Sciences Industry

Commercial research is important to NUH as the driving force for the adoption and diffusion of innovation.

It is through this process that new treatments, devices or laboratory tests are studied and brought forward for use by patients and staff.

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS welcomes research studies from the commercial sector and we work within many areas of clinical research, from Phase I to IV. Our portfolio currently includes 80 commercial clinical trials sponsored by over 30 pharmaceutical and medical devices companies and CROs. 

Commercial sponsors choosing to host clinical trials in Nottingham benefit from:

  • A dedicated Commercial Trials Manager and a substantial, highly skilled R&D team
  • Access to key opinion leaders and active commercial researchers
  • Expert support to assess study feasibility at a site level
  • Streamlined internal authorisation processes and a Trust policy which monitors the approval of all valid applications within 30 days from a valid submission
  • Support with study start up processes and costing and contract negotiations, using the NIHR Industry Costing Templates and model agreements for all studies irrespective of adoption status
  • In-house comprehensive training programme including ICH GCP and pharmacovigilance for investigators and research teams
  • Performance management of the commercially sponsored study in partnership with the sponsor

If you have any questions regarding the management processes for commercial sponsored clinical trials, please contact: