Trust Policies
  1. Clinical Governance & Practice
    1. CLCGP002 Implementation of NICE Guidance Policy
    2. CLCGP003 Point of Care Testing Policy
    3. CLCGP004 Management of Medical Devices Policy
    4. CLCGP009 Ensuring Competence for Clinical Procedures Policy
    5. CLCGP012 DOLS Multi-Agency Policy and Procedure
    6. CLCGP020 Consent to Examination or Treatment
    7. CLCGP028 Medical Device Training Procedure
    8. CLCGP039 Hand Hygiene Policy
    9. CLCGP048 Patient and Client Privacy and Dignity Policy
    10. CLCGP049 Sample acceptance and rejection for Pathology Laboratories procedure policy
    11. CLCGP051 Managing Loan Medical Devices Procedure
    12. CLCGP059 Clinical Audit and Service Evaluation Procedure
    13. CLCGP061 Use of non-comforming medical devices procedure
  2. Medicines Management
    1. CLMM010 Procurement and use of Medicines without Marketing Authorisation and Medicines used outside their Marketing Authorisation
    2. CLMM010 Appendix 1 relationship of committees final MAR 08
    3. CLMM010 APPENDIX 2 risk stratification final MAR08
    4. CLMM010 APPENDIX 3 request to manufacture final MAR08
    5. CLMM019 Clinical trials
    6. CLMM020 Reporting Medicines Incidents Defects ADRs and Drug Alerts
    7. CLMM024 Discharge of Patients
    8. CLMM030 Ward Fridge Procedure NPSA Trust Format
  3. Health and Safety
    1. HSEI005 Patient Transport Policy and Procedures
    2. HSSP009 Ionising Radiations Safety Policy
  4. Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults
    1. CLCH006 Safeguarding vulnerable adults
    2. CLCH007 Safeguarding Children
  5. Corporate Governance
    1. GGCG002 Site Specific Approvals for Research Policy
    2. GGCG004 Intellectual Property Policy
    3. GGCG006 Research Misconduct and Fraud Policy
  6. Corporate Management
    1. GGCM002 Management of Complaints, Concerns, Comments and Compliments Policy
    2. GGCM003 Policy for Producing Written and Other Forms of Patient Carer Information
    3. GGCM004 Patient Advice and Liaison Service Policy
    4. GGCM013 Photography and Video Recordings of Patients – Confidentiality, Consent, Copyright and Storage Policy
    5. GGCM022 Media and Public Relations Policy version 2
    6. GGCM023 Managing Visits, Audits, Inspections, Assessments And Accreditations By Bodies External To The Trust Policy
    7. GGCM025 Human Tissues Management for Scheduled Purposes Under the Human Tissue Act 2004 Post Mortem Examination and Research Policy
    8. GGCM034 Human Tissue Act – Storage and Processing Policy
    9. GGCM034 Human Tissue Act – Storage and Processing Policy
    10. GGCM040 Use of Human Tissues in Research Policy
    11. GGCM041 Human Tissue Act Quality Breach Resolution Policy
    12. GGCM042 Participation in External Best Practice Reviews Procedure
  7. Information
    1. GGINF001 Information Governance Policy
    2. GGINF002 Information Security and Data Protection policy
    3. GGINF003 Information Security and Data Protection Procedure
    4. GGINF004 Information Sharing with other Agencies (incorporating the overarching Information Sharing Protocol) policy
    5. GGINF005 Health Record Keeping Policy
    6. GGINF006 Health Records Management Policy
    7. GGINF019 Patient Data Quality Policy
    8. GGINF020 Mobile Computing and Remote Working Policy and Procedure
  8. Travel and Subsistence
    1. Travel Policy Version 2, June 2010