R&D Finance

Main Objectives

The main objectives of R&D Finance are to manage Research Project costs from their inception through to the final recovery of income/funding and to ensure that income and costs have been appropriately allocated.

Specific aims are as follows:

  • To ensure Non Standard of Care activities and procedures are accurate and complete in all R&D study costings presented to R&D Finance for approval.
  • All costs, whether Commercial or Non Commercial, are properly and fully funded, whether by Sponsor, Institution, Grant or NIHR funding.
  • All Research Agreements clearly reflect the costings that had been approved by R&D Finance.
  • All Income/ Funding is recovered from the various sources, accurately and on time.
  • All income received is allocated correctly and fairly between Specialties, Support departments and sub-parties such as Nottingham University or Nations Healthcare (operate the Treatment Centre).
  • All funding specifically allocated to recover the cost of the R&D department is managed and correctly accounted for.