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NUH Sponsored Research Studies

Any research being carried out within the NHS or Health and Social Care context in the UK must have a Sponsor who is willing to undertake the lead for the management and arrangements relating to a research trial. The Sponsor of a clinical trial may in fact be any one of a number of entities [...]

The University of Nottingham

NUH Trust and Nottingham University are committed to a strong research partnership. Both institutions recognise the importance of transparency and are in the process of streamlining and aligning their processes to ensure an efficient and consistent approach to research through the generation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which will serve as an operational framework [...]

Regulatory Standards

This is a resource of all relevant trial legislation and guidelines. Like all external links on nuhrise, each link is automatically scanned and validated by our server software every 72 hours. The links will be in a working state unless there is a line through them (like this). We get automatically notification of any invalid [...]

NUH Sponsorship Fees

The costs of undertaking activities to fulfill the role of sponsor for non commercial NHS research, although not explicitly referred to in current guidance, are classified as a research cost. Historically, NUH did not include these costs in grants. However, the landscape has now changed: central R&D Support Funding has been removed; NIHR clinical research [...]

R&D Library

This document library contains templates and useful documents for use by our research community. Valid Approval Submission Checklist All documentation that is required for any study to be considered a valid submission can be found on this checklist. Sponsorship If you would like NUH to act as sponsor of your research project please complete a [...]

NUH Sponsorship

Sponsorship Basics The Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care states that all research projects must have an identified sponsor. The sponsor is the organisation which acts as guarantor for the research, ensuring it complies with standards of good practice. Critically, if an organisation is to act as a sponsor, it must have: the [...]

Standard Operating Procedures

All links in this section are direct downloads for pdfs Standard operating procedures for NUH Trust R&D SOP 1: QA Assurance Program SOP 2: Paper TMF Management SOP 3: Urgent Safety Measures SOP 4: Investigator Led Study Set Up (Non Portfolio) SOP 5: Research and Data Protection Act SOP 6: Regulatory Inspection SOP 7: Document [...]