The University of Nottingham

NUH Trust and Nottingham University are committed to a strong research partnership.

Both institutions recognise the importance of transparency and are in the process of streamlining and aligning their processes to ensure an efficient and consistent approach to research through the generation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which will serve as an operational framework under which the institutions operate.

For Clinical research studies carried out at NUH which (a) use publicly available funds; and/or (b) are commercially funded/sponsored then the main funding/sponsorship contract should be held by the Trust with pass-through costs to the University being administered in accordance with the sub-agreement

University of Nottingham sub-agreement

When is this needed?

This should be put in place for each separate research study conducted within the Trust and where it either holds the funds or is in receipt of funds for which University employees are engaged or where University resources are used. There are currently two template sub-agreements in use between the institutions to address the following scenarios:

  1. Commercially sponsored research studies for which NUH is the host organisation; and
  2. Grant awarded funds from a Government agency (e.g. Research for Patient Benefit Grants (RfPB))

In order to expedite the efficiency in which these sub-agreements can be generated it is important to engage with the R & D Finance Department at the outset to ensure the institutional allocation of resource is agreed in advance and prior to contract finalization.

All sub-agreements with the University are generated and managed by the R&D Contracts team.

For further information, advice and guidance on costing research studies and funding applications please contact us.