NUH Insurance and Indemnity

NUH is a member of the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST) and Risk Pooling Scheme which provides indemnity for negligence claims arising in the NHS.

When does NHS Indemnity Apply?

NHS Indemnity covers negligent harm caused to patients or healthy volunteers whenever they are receiving an established treatment, whether or not in accordance with an agreed guideline or protocol; whenever they are receiving a novel or unusual treatment which, in the judgment of the health care professional, is appropriate for that particular patient and whenever they are subjects as patients or healthy volunteers of clinical research aimed at benefitting patients now or in the future.

When does NHS Indemnity NOT Apply?

NHS Indemnity does not apply to family health service practitioners working under contracts for services, e.g. GPs (including fund holders), general dental practitioners, family dentists, pharmacists or optometrists; other self employed health care professionals e.g. independent midwives; employees of FHS practices; employees of private hospitals; local education authorities; voluntary agencies.

For further guidance on the provisions of NHS Indemnity in clinical research please contact the R & D Department to discuss further.