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Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

This is to be put in place where research developed either in part or in whole by NUH employees is at a stage where it requires third party collaboration to drive forward further development for either commercialisation or proof-of-concept/validation studies. A MoU is not a legally binding contract but provides the foundations to how two [...]

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

Material Transfer Agreement (“MTA”) What is “Human Tissue?” Human Tissue can be defined as that which consists of or includes human cells and includes any modified versions thereof. What is “Material?” Material can be defined as any biological fluid or derivative thereof whether consisting of human cells or not. For example serum is not considered [...]

The University of Nottingham

NUH Trust and Nottingham University are committed to a strong research partnership. Both institutions recognise the importance of transparency and are in the process of streamlining and aligning their processes to ensure an efficient and consistent approach to research through the generation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which will serve as an operational framework [...]

Commercially Sponsored Clinical Trials

For commercially sponsored research hosted by NUH, the R&D Department request that the ABPI contract templates be utilised to ensure accuracy, efficiency and consistency in the contracting process. The model CTA is specifically for use in connection with pharmaceutically sponsored clinical trials carried out in NHS Trusts in England recruiting NHS patients. For further information [...]

NUH Sponsorship Fees

The costs of undertaking activities to fulfill the role of sponsor for non commercial NHS research, although not explicitly referred to in current guidance, are classified as a research cost. Historically, NUH did not include these costs in grants. However, the landscape has now changed: central R&D Support Funding has been removed; NIHR clinical research [...]

Life Sciences Industry

Commercial research is important to NUH as the driving force for the adoption and diffusion of innovation. It is through this process that new treatments, devices or laboratory tests are studied and brought forward for use by patients and staff. Nottingham University Hospitals NHS welcomes research studies from the commercial sector and we work within many [...]

NUH Commercial study approval metrics

13 commercial studies were submitted to NUH R&D in the past 60 days. The median time from validation of the application to R&D approval at NUH was 44.5 days. “Congratulations on recruiting your first two patients into this trial. You have achieved the First Patient First Treatment (FPFT) in the UK for this trial. Well [...]

Industry Costing Templates

Designed to speed up initiation of industry trials by increasing transparency and predictability and by reducing the time required for site negotiations. The Industry Costing Templates are based on the principles of the NHS Finance Manual and provide transparency, greater consistency and predictability on costing for companies. The Industry Costing Templates are used for all [...]

A new guide to NUH R&D finance processes

A comprehensive guide to NUH R&D finance has been written, collated and published by our Corporate Finance Manager Paul Barnett. Available on this site, it includes valuable information for anyone needing to cost a project and go though the financial logistics that are a crucial part of any successful study.

Costing Local NUH Non Commercial Studies

Guidance In comparison with commercial contract NHS research, the funding arrangements for non-commercial NHS research can be more complex and can involve a number of partner organisations. It is essential that both the NHS and its partner organisations understand the full cost of non-commercial research and reach a shared understanding of how costs are funded. [...]