Investigator led Research and Studentships

Investigator led research may be conducted by an individual researcher within NUH, in which case will require NUH to act as a Sponsor for the study. Where NUH acts as the Sponsor of a clinical trial the Bipartite Delegation of Responsibilities Agreement will be executed between NUH and the Investigator.

Commercially Funded Investigator Led Research

Other Investigator led research may be funded by a third party such as a commercial entity in which case the agreement to fund the research and the obligations attached to it should be raised with the R&D Contracts Manager for review. The contract will be generated by the party funding the research and should be brought to the attention of the R & D Contracts team at the earliest opportunity.

Fully funded Studentship

A standard template studentship agreement is currently being developed. Any queries in the interim period should be directed to the R & D Department.