NUH Sponsorship

Sponsorship Basics

The Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care states that all research projects must have an identified sponsor. The sponsor is the organisation which acts as guarantor for the research, ensuring it complies with standards of good practice.

Critically, if an organisation is to act as a sponsor, it must have:

  • the ability to monitor compliance with good practice
  • control / authority over the research team, for example withdrawal of indemnity or ability to suspend a project

Any organisation which funds, initiates, hosts research or employs staff involved in research can be a sponsor. Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust is willing to act as a sponsor.

Because of the nature of the responsibilities of a sponsor, even though it is technically possible for an individual to act in this capacity, they would be extremely ill advised to do so. Researchers should note that NUH will not indemnify research where the Principal or Chief Investigator of a study is named in the IRAS form as the sponsor.

How Do I Organise a Sponsor for My Project?

Once you have identified an organisation willing to act as the sponsor of your project, you need a confirmation letter from them. This is an essential study document and should be kept in the Trial Master File.

For NUH staff conducting research at either QMC or City campuses, the Trust will be the Sponsor.

Clinical academics can approach either the University of Nottingham or NUH if the researcher holds a substantial Honorary Contract with the Trust. In this case, the researcher will agree to abide by the terms and conditions of NUH acting as sponsor.

Students should contact their university.

All student research must be sponsored by the university the student is registered with. Also, if the research involves NUH staff or patients access must be agreed by the appropriate NUH directorate.

What Do I Do if I Want NUH to Be My Sponsor?

When you are preparing your IRAS application please send the following documents to the R&D office:

  • a Request for NUH to be Research Sponsor form
  • the completed IRAS form
  • confirmation of funding
  • research protocol; for the relevant templates please access the Document Library
  • all study documentation
  • if you are not an NUH employee, a copy of your honorary contract (if you do not have one you will be asked to apply for one as a condition of sponsorship)
  • details of the other participating centres if you are taking part in a multi-centre study

You will be asked to complete and sign a sponsorship agreement which accepts the terms of NUH sponsorship. R&D will then issue a sponsor letter which you should keep in your project files.