NUH Sponsorship

What is a sponsor?
The Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care states that all research projects must have an identified sponsor.

The sponsor is the individual, organisation or group of organisations that takes on responsibility for confirming there are proper arrangements to initiate manage and monitor, and finance a study (although they may not always be the funder). The sponsor therefore has a responsibility to ensure that the research study it sponsors complies with standards of good practice.

The sponsor is normally expected to be the employer of the Chief Investigator in the case of non-commercial research, although Universities and college should accept the role of sponsor for all educational research conducted by their own students, unless the student is employed by a health or social care provider that prefers to do this.

Critically, if an organisation is to act as a sponsor, it must have:

  • The ability to monitor compliance with good practice
  • Control / authority over the research team, for example withdrawal of indemnity or ability to suspend a project

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust is willing to act as a sponsor if:

i. NUH is the main funder of the research or hold grant funding
ii. the chief investigator (CI) holds a substantive or honorary contract with NUH;
iii. the research is being undertaken by one of the Nottingham Biomedical Research Units;
iv. NUH is the leading care organisation where the research is to take place.

Even if any of the above criteria for sponsorship are met, NUH will conduct a full assessment of the study prior to agreeing to be sponsor to ensure that it is able to meet its responsibilities.

Because of the nature of the responsibilities of a sponsor, even though it is technically possible for an individual to act in this capacity, they would be extremely ill advised to do so. Researchers should note that NUH will not indemnify research where the Principal or Chief Investigator of a study is named in the IRAS form as the sponsor.

What kind of research does NUH sponsor?
If your study is part of an educational qualification, you should approach the awarding University and enquire about Sponsorship. NUH sponsor studies which are of a high scientific worth and will be of a benefit to patients and/or the trust.

There are costs associated with NUH providing sponsorship, for further information on these costs please contact R&I to discuss this further.

For further information, and how to apply for NUH sponsorship visit the sponsorship flow chart

Once the study is running at NUH, sponsorship responsibilities remain through patient recruitment, follow up and end of study reporting.


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