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Government Commits to Research in Response to NHS Future Forum

The Government has made a number of commitments relating to research in their summary response to the report from the NHS Future Forum. This is a very positive development, which has been warmly welcomed by our stakeholders. We are working with colleagues on the delivery of these commitments.

  • We will create a new duty for the Secretary of State to promote research.
  • We will create a new duty for clinical commissioning groups to promote research and innovation and the use of research evidence, in line with the current duty on the NHS Commissioning Board.
  • We will ensure that a culture of research and innovation is embedded in the arrangements for both the Board and Public Health England.
  • We will also make sure that clinical commissioning groups and the NHS Commissioning Board ensure that treatment costs for patients who are taking part in research funded by Government and Research Charity partner organisations are funded through normal arrangements for commissioning patient care, as set out in existing guidance.

The existing guidance states:

  • Research and Development is a routine and necessary part of the work of the NHS.
  • Healthcare funding allocations to NHS commissioners are intended to cover patient care services associated with R&D in the NHS.
  • NHS Commissioners will ensure that the treatment costs associated with externally-funded, non-commercial R&D are met through normal commissioning arrangements.
  • This includes any ‘Excess Treatment Costs’.
  • It is not appropriate for individual parts of the NHS locally to decide which externally-funded R&D should and should not be supported.


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