Translational Research Partnerships

The NIHR Translational Research Partnerships (TRPs) were established in 2010 to pool elite clinicians and academics from 36 NHS organisations and universities into a central collaborating body driving translational research supported by NIHR clinical research infrastructure.

Each centre comprises at least one NHS Trust and a University with all centres working to a set of unified and streamlined operating procedures that are supported by a dedicated team within the NIHR Office of Clinical Infrastructure (NOCRI). This unique collaboration allows improved protocol design and improved communication with industrial partners (biopharmaceutical, device and diagnostic companies) in order to drive research in the early, exploratory development stage.

Detailed feasibility and capabilities within centers allows for the successful delivery of a research project in a cost effective manner as NOCRI provides a single point of access for industrial partners. This enables the effective coordination of the required processes required for delivery to time and target.

The TRPs are supported by streamlined processes, using standard contracts such as non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and the model industry collaborative research agreement (mICRA), which has been accepted by all participating universities and NHS organisations and endorsed by trade associations such as the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry and the UK BioIndustry Association.
There are currently two TRP’s in operation:

Inflammatory respiratory disease
Joint and related inflammatory disease

For more information please visit the NOCRI Translational Research Partnerships webpage

TRP Centre Critical Roles

Centre Academic lead (CAL) this is the physician/academic who represents the centre and undertakes the main responsibility for the delivery of the TRP within the centre.
Dr Tim Harrison CAL for Nottingham and is based at The Nottingham Respiratory Research Unit (NRRU), Clinical Sciences Building. He is also a member of the TRP steering Committee, Deputy Chairperson, driving the respiratory cause which encompasses:

  • Asthma
  • Allergy
  • COPD
  • Acute lung injury
  • Respiratory infection

Centre Business Lead (CBL) is the centre’s single point of contact with NOCRI and is responsible for coordinating the TRP activities locally, including feasibility, costing and contract facilitation. Nottingham CBL is Dr Manjeet Mundey, an IP project manager in R&I. The role is imperative in facilitating rapid and efficient interactions between NOCRI and the local research team.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with NOCRI and the NIHR Translational Research Partnerships in the development of one of our ongoing research projects. It is clear that the NIHR TRPs have access to well characterised cohorts of patients and are committed to delivering on their clinical studies. We look forward to collaborations with the NIHR’s TRP in future respiratory trials” Chiesi Farmaceutici

Nottingham was one of the first centres on board from inception, meeting the TRP criteria for inflammatory respiratory disease. The Respiratory Research Unit offers the infrastructure, academic and clinical expertise, laboratory facilities and a cohort of well-characterised patients from their database available for clinical development studies.Hence Nottingham collaborated in the very first TRP research project to come through the system in 2012 with Chiesi Farmaceutici.

Chiesi case study

The NIHR Inflammatory Respiratory Disease Translational Research Partnership, supported by NOCRI, is collaborating with European pharmaceutical company Chiesi Farmaceutici, on a phase II proof of concept study in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The study was set up within tight timelines – following NOCRI’s initial contact with Chiesi in March 2012, submissions were made to the regulatory bodies and first patient first visit was achieved in October 2012. NIHR TRP centres were the highest recruiters to this study, with several recruiting over and above their original patient target. The study is due to complete in February 2014.

Successes in the TRP’s will bring together some of the world’s best clinical researchers and translational research capabilities, placing them in a unique position to translate pre-clinical data into successful clinical research and development. The TRPs are committed to delivering research faster and better. For further information on the NIHR’s TRPs, please e-mail the NOCRI Translational Research Partnerships office at, or call +44 (0) 203 328 6744.

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